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Snark vs. Hatred

I posted this initially in my own journal and modified it slightly to post here.

DH (my husband) and I had a conversation about this last night. The background is that someone promoted a community in virgin_snark. FW and I didn't talk about promoting communities when we created this one, so I didn't feel that I could delete it just because I felt it was inappropriate. (She has since added a new rule to the community.)

So I'm going to write about my thoughts.

I see a huge difference between snark groups and hate groups. To me, snark groups are all about mocking people for their stupidity. "We don't mock you because you're a virgin, we mock you because you're a moron... you just happen to be a virgin as well."

I'm all for mocking people for their personal stupidities.

Hatred groups however, those only exist to lump people together and insult them based not upon their personal idiocies. "We hate you because you're a virgin even though you, personally, might be a wonderful person. Since you're a virgin, we hate you."

I'm not all for lumping people together under labels and hating them for no other reason.

So, I find virgin_snark to be a lovely idea for a community, but virgin_hate would cross the line for me.

It's one of the reasons I find raven55's accusations that I hate Christians to be particularly loathsome. "No, you fool, I think -you're- a moron. I don't think every other Christian is a moron. Just you."

Well, there are my rambled thoughts on the differences between snark and hate and why I find the former to be acceptable and the latter not to be.
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