QW (quaker_whore) wrote in virgin_snark,

The part I don't get

The part of the common virgin attitude that I don't understand is the whole "gift" that is implied when one loses their virginity.

I see the phrases a lot. "I want to give this.." "This is a gift I'll share.."

I don't see virginity as a gift to be given to someone.. that's what multiple screaming orgasms are for. Isn't really good sex a "gift" as well?

There just seems to be an underlying unspoken thread to comments like this. That giving your virginity to someone is somehow better than sharing mutual sexual pleasure with a person.

Bah. It's like people expect that sex will be this chore once they start having it. I say, "Become really adept at blowjobs.. make -that- your gift to him."
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