tinkerbell (faery_whisper) wrote in virgin_snark,

Family baffling

For once I didn't have to go to an LJ community to find snark-worthy material...this time I found it in my own flesh and blood! And boy...do I hate my gene pool right now.

My cousin and I were talking, he's a senior in high school and is currently writing a speech to his school to make an "pro-abstinence" day at school, Valentine's Day to be exact. During the course of our conversation it came out that I was still a virgin, and the exclamations of "good for you" and "that's awesome!" started coming out. I half expected him to pat me on the head, were we not on IM.

I haven't heard the results of his speech, but I left the computer shaking my head. It wasn't so much the idea that he was going to do the speech, though I did wonder how on earth we were related, but just the pure pride he has in being a virgin and saving himself for marriage. I don't get it, I'm a virgin...it's just the way I was born and it just hasn't changed. It's not some special gift I was given, everyone was born one, I don't consider myself special or different because I haven't "lost" or "given up" or whatever term is popular this week for no longer being a virgin. And most people I've talked to who have had sex tell me they don't know what all the fuss was about, even ones that made a fuss about it beforehand.
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