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Mock the Virgins

For all your virgin mocking needs

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Tired of hearing how marriage will make everything okay?

How god doesn't want you to fuck?

That you're a fornicator and will go to hell for your sexual activities?

Tired of people who insist that any sex will cause STDs and pregnancy and that abstinence is the only way?

Are you tired of hearing about how sex is the cause of all the worlds problems?

Do you ever wish you could hit some of these people with a clue-by-four?

Welcome to virgin_snark.

The time has come for a place for those of us, virgins and non, to come together and mock the virgins who are on elitist high horses about their virginity.

Purpose: While we don't have a problem with virginity itself, we do have a problem with virgins who seem to think that by holding onto their virginity, they are somehow better than everyone else. The elitist attitude of those we snark is what really gets our juices flowing. We don't condemn or condone virginity, it's just yet another area of topic in the world today where stupid people ruin it for everyone else. So, if you feel the same way we do, we're glad to have you aboard.


1. Linking to a community is fine, copying and pasting a public entry is fine, however copying and pasting from Friends Only entries will result in a deletion of your post. While this community is all in good fun, its members will respect the privacy of the mockees if the mockees post friends only. The linking rule may be changed if the moderator finds that too many people follow the link and add to the drama.

2. Don't preach, mock those who do.

3. No community promos unless approved by the moderators. We don't want to be associated with just anyone.

4. Do NOT bring material here for the sole purpose of trying to band together a group of snarkists to come to your aid in snarking someone in the community. Members are not to be used for a personal crusade against any particular virgin.

5. All posts must be posted friends only as to avoid causing drama both in here as well as the community in which the mockee has posted.

Your happy maintainer is faery_whisper and she is ready to assist you in any problems that may arise. However, if you're being snarked and you just plain don't like it, please go whine about it in your own personal journal, as emailing her to whine will get you nowhere. She does have a life that does not include solving petty arguments. You can reach her through a comment in her personal journal or through email at faery_whisper@livejournal.com

This community has a moderated membership, and all new members are subject to approval from the moderator and community members. If your only purpose in coming here is to create further drama, think again. We are here to revel in our own amusment in a safe place where we can laugh together and then move on with our lives, NOT to engage in continuing drama wars with people who really just need to get laid. We are not here to cater to your paranoia. One again I feel I must state: You post things publicly on the internet, you take a risk that people are going to make fun of you. That's life.